Reasons of having witnesses at a wedding

The role of witnesses in a civil ceremony is very important, as they will have to assume some functions on the day of the liaison and during the preparations. To adequately answer the question, it is necessary to know what exactly the witnesses do in a civil wedding. Find out the reasons of having witnesses at a wedding below!

Two types of witnesses: legal requirements

How many witnesses does it take for a civil wedding? In civil weddings there are two types of witnesses: one necessary for the processing of the marriage file and two in charge of signing a marriage with witnesses the marriage certificate in situ, after the celebration of the marriage. The first can also be one of the second, but not necessarily. You have the last word.

civil wedding

Who can be the witnesses in a civil wedding?

Any of your loved ones. So, can a family member be a witness at a civil wedding? Yes, they can be family members or friends, as long as they have reached the age of majority. So the ideal is that you choose people close to whom you want to grant a relevant role in your link: brothers, cousins, best friends. Remember that getting married with witnesses you choose will also be watching you at all times, so they must be people you really trust. Also consider their willingness and their involvement with the liaison, since witnesses often play a leading role in weddings and it is better that they take it seriously and be excited.

types of witnessesWhat does a civil wedding witness do before the wedding?

It is something that will depend on you, as they will still be able to keep their role reduced to legal formalities such as helping you with different tasks of the organization of the link. For example, helping you write the texts for wedding invitations, helping you with all the paperwork, or catching up on the latest on fun wedding ideas. In addition, being very close to you, it may also be their turn to organize your respective bachelor parties. Ideally, when you propose to be witnesses of a civil wedding –especially if you choose to ask the big question in writing–, you tell them what you expect from them and that they tell you how they think they can be useful. In this way they will be able to develop their role with more success and better results.

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