Should siblings be at a wedding party?

Regardless of whether you are having siblings at a wedding are 10 or 20 years old, they will still be the people you will definitely want to see next to you when you go to the altar. Even if you have teased each other all your childhood, you cannot find dearer people and warmer memories of joint family travels and conversations until late at night! And they are unlikely to wish to stay on the side-lines while preparing for your wedding.

Great ideas that will make your brother or sister feel like an active participant in your big day in life, and you – irreplaceable support!

The bride’s right hand

There is no better role for a sister than being a bridesmaid. Moreover, this “position” will be including sibling at a wedding to be constantly with you, and also to support you from the very beginning of preparation to the end of the wedding celebration.

Unique assistants

Most often, brothers and sisters know all relatives not only by sight, but also by name and patronymic, as well as aware of all family nuances and subtleties, so that they will not be difficult to become ideal wedding “guides” for all those invited. It is sure that no one will have any questions about seating arrangements and entries in the guestbook!

Special talents

If your little reasons of sibling at a wedding is a born musician, they should showcase their talents. So, the wedding ceremony will be even more emotional and family. Well, if your family is versed in serving, they know how to make excellent crafts from wood, or have taken colour courses, why not allow them to personalize the decor of your day?

“Home” hostess

Perhaps no one knows you better than your sister to organize in the best possible way an engagement party, a bachelorette party, or even an unscheduled day at the spa just when you need a break from the wedding rush!


Pets and handsome

Grooms, let your brothers rejoice in the role of an irresistible and charming best man, look no worse in a suit than you, and accompany you in full splendour to the altar!

Personal stylist services

If you cannot decide on the choice of a dream dress, reasons of sibling at a wedding to be included with you to help you try on as support. They will definitely not advise you bad!

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