Pros of taking a loan for marriage

Wedding loans are very common. Such a ceremony is a unique and unrepeatable event, but full of small and large details that can raise its cost to infinity and beyond. Therefore, when organizing it, it is important to know all the elements that make up the budget and final expenses. There are couples who do not want to skimp or go without details on their big day. For them there are specific pros of taking a loan for marriage that will facilitate the difficult task of organizing a wedding.

When it comes to planning a wedding, the bride and groom may find themselves with various expenses that they had overlooked that increase the initial budget and result in an unexpected cost overrun. That extra money that has to be paid can overshadow the joy and euphoria of those who take this big step.

What elements does the budget of expenses of a wedding include?

The first thing that every couple who is starting to plan their wedding should do is prepare two different backgrounds. One for general expenses and one for unforeseen events that may arise. Although it may seem a bit too cautious of applying a loan for a wedding, an event of this size always comes with last minute surprises.


If in the end no additional expenses arise, you can use that reserve money for the anticipated expenses. And if they are already covered, congratulations! A little extra money use to be always welcome.

When it comes to the overhead fund, it includes many different elements, including the following:


The wedding banquet represents the largest budget item within the final budget of the link. It is estimated that, on average, Spanish couples spend about € 15,000 to feed and drink 100 guests.

The invitations

They seem a trivial subject, but it is the letter of introduction of the wedding and should reflect the style of the bride and groom and the ceremony. If it is going to be a wedding of strict etiquette, something casual but elegant, on the beach, etc.

Photographs and video

Having a professional quality memory of this magical day is not cheap. In the subject of wedding photography there is a lot of offer and it is convenient to spend some time studying it to choose the most successful photographer and budget.

The dress and the suit

Currently wedding dresses have been “democratized” and there are already many brands that have launched a more affordable line. Even so, a wedding dress is not characterized by being cheap.

Music and extras

Everyone love special music during the ceremony, a popular dance afterwards, or a good DJ during the banquet.

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